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10 December 2019 @ 01:04 am
This is a sticky post, it's always at the top

Because my User Info is singularly unhelpful, and I am friends only, I think this quick rundown gives a good summary of me/my journal. I will take all-comers who can relate to the below, and aren't prats.


So, once again, I am in the position of 'just graduated' though this time from a postgraduate degree. It was still creative writing though.

After not getting the marks I'd hoped for, everything is kind of up in the air as to where I'm going next. Still hoping to do a PhD, but it might be in the distant future rather than the intended immediate. In the meantime I am back to being a university library assistant and still very much enjoying my vocation of pointing idiot students towards the right shelfmark/e-resource/toilet.

The one certainty in my life is that by the time I retire I will have a pygmy goat. Possibly called Buttons.

I've been around internet fandoms since 2000 when I leapt feet first in WW(F) through ff.net. Though its initial barring of RPF didn't affect me (we could hide behind "persona's", the impact of removing NC-17 ensured I left that place without a backward glance, and subsequently the fandom. Though I met some wonderful people there, and three of them especially will never realise the impact they've had.

Since then I had a breif dallience with PotC, a full blown love affair with LOTRIPs, and many passing flings including Potter, House, The OC and Life on Mars. But I am nothing if not fickle and if you head on over to my fan fiction journal (rumflavorkisses) you will see just how much of a fandom tart I am.

Truth be told, I have always been an awful Livejournal user but these days I just get worse and worse. I am always here, reading my f/list, but rarely update myself and often disappear for weeks at a time without so much as a comment. I hope that the people I call 'friends' understand this.

When I do update, it usually either about my current state of mind or my current fancy. My most used tags are my real life one and television one, go figure.